Intentional Private Practice

Are you a therapist contemplating making the leap to private practice? You’re ready to make the leap out of the grind of working for someone else, or agency work that does not align with your reasons for entering the field? Or has your practice become stagnant and you are looking to reinvigorate it with a heavy dose of your own values?  Maybe you feel burnt out, or lost your mo-jo, and find yourself dreaming of a different job?

A New Relationship with Your Work

What if I told you that not only can you have the practice that you dream about, fully aligned with your passions and values, but that it is already inside of you waiting to blossom? I believe the work we do is different, and we are each uniquely suited to work with our ideal clients.  Showing up authentically, not only do our clients thrive, but we can shine through and actualize our own strengths.

Our Philosophy

You are the expert in the business that’s right for you.  That’s right… YOU.  Don’t let anyone else tell you how to run your business.  Sure, there’s lots to learn, but when you show up fully and practice with integrity, you’ll stop having boundary battles with clients, you’ll stop feeling guilty or fearful for turning down a client who is a poor fit for your skill set, and you’ll attract the ideal clients with whom you can do your best work.

About Me…

Hi, friend! I’m Kim. I’m a licensed clinical psychologist.  I am passionate about helping others to live lives of intention and well-being.  Clinically, I practice assessment and mindfulness based cognitive behavioral therapy.  In my coaching and consultation practice, I help other providers launch, grow, and re-define their unique private practices.  My clients range from brand new practice starters to veteran clinicians looking to change up aspects of their work or re-invigorate their work with a heavy dose of personal values.

Intentional Private Practice is the culmination of my studies and practical experience working with people from all walks of life and running successful solo and small group practices for the past ten years, with twenty plus years in the mental health field. I am committed to helping you grow into the business owner and clinician your soul desires to be through knowledge, inspiration, motivation, community, and one-on-one support. Together we will work to define your values–ultimately the motivation that will drive your success in any area of life–then set specific goals to move your work practices in line with your values and intentions. Using the science of habit formation, we can transform these seemingly-lofty goals into achievable, daily actions with built in accountability so that you can gain traction on your dreams.

I can’t wait to join you on your journey!

Your Intentional Private Practice is waiting for you…

are you ready to claim it?


Intentional Private Practice empowers providers with information on how to build and sustain a more creative, healthy, intentioned, value-based, and joyful practice through the creation of simple, day-to-day habits.  Through motivating blog posts, inspiring conversations, quick video trainings, and useful business tips, you can move towards your ideal practice.  Join our closed Facebook group to discuss and support–always a judgement free zone! Jump in, join a challenge, ask a question, and enjoy!

Coaching and Clinical Consultation

Humans are social creatures, and first and foremost, you are not alone.  You don’t have to go it alone even in solo private practice. I help you identify your ideal clients and show up authentically in your work, so that you can build a practice that is emotionally and financially substainable.  You may need clarity in understanding your practice intentions and values, you may need help setting specific, attainable goals, you may need a level of accountability, and you likely need a little of each. Ready to schedule a no obligation clarity call?

Kick Start Group Coaching

Kick Start Group Coaching is my exclusive model that integrates the 4Ms for business success: Mindset, Management, Marketing, and Money!  In a supportive group atmosphere with other practice builders, you’ll deep dive into your goals and dreams, explore your business values and use them to infuse every aspect of your work, identify a marketing plan that is right for you, connect in meaningful ways with your ideal clients and referral sources, and understand rates, budgeting, and expenses in private practice!  Ready to learn more?  I’m excited to share it with you!

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