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Are you a mental health provider, or a similar helper-healer in a relationship-based business looking to launch, grow, or re-define your business?  Maybe you’re dreaming of working for yourself.  You may have started your business but struggle with the things we didn’t learn in school–like the big M-word: marketing.  Or maybe you’ve been in practice for awhile but you’ve lost your mo-jo, caught up in binds about policies, serving your clients but not serving yourself in an emotionally and financially sustainable way.

I see you, and you’re not alone.  Wherever you are on your private practice journey, get ready to infuse your work with a healthy dose of your values so you can show up authentically and with intention.  That’s what Intentional Private Practice is all about!

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Why Intentional Private Practice?

Erika Frieze Psy.D.

(Bridges of the Mind)  Working with Kim, I grew my gross revenue from low 6 figures to likely over 7 figures this year, and grew. my team from 9 employees to 14. Kim helped me to develop a mission statement and employee handbook, to understand my values as an employer… (read more)

Melanie Wheel, MS, LPC

(Melanie Wheel Counseling) Since working with Kim, I’ve increased my caseload and my monthly converted clients by more than 2x, created a sustainable system for marketing, worked through mindset barriers in order to reach out to other providers, increased revenue by over $2,000/mo… (read more)

Katie Gordon, LMSW

(Solas Counseling) Since working with Kim, I started my practice and grew from zero clients to twenty-five in less than a year!  I’ve noticed a definite increase in my confidence seeing all the pieces come together.  The encouragement and accountability I gained through coaching really helped me reach my goals. (read more)

Kimberly Demby, Ph.D.

(West Houston Psychology) With Dr. Dwyer’s help, I’ve been able to define my values and better market to my target population, resulting in an increase in referrals. I’ve onboarded new clinicians who share my values.I’d absolutely recommend Dr. Dwyer to anyone feeling as though they are lacking direction or focus in their practice building process. (read more)

Stephanie Nelson, Ph.D., ABPP, ABPdN

(Skylight Neuropsychology,  The Peer Consult)  Since working with Kim, I’ve shifted to 100% private pay so that I can balance providing excellent clinical care with a financially sustainable practice.  I feel more professionally fulfilled…(read more)

Jennifer McDonald, Ph.D.

(Sound Psychology Services) After working with Kim, I feel more secure in what I’m doing, have grown my referral sources, quit my full time job, and clarified values in my business and personal life. Kim forms relationships—and that is what sold me. (read more)

Kate Mink, LCSW

(Kate Mink Psychotherapy)  Kim met me from a place of service and worked to adapt to my needs.  Since working with Kim, my caseload has increased and I’ve changed my mindset to one of building relationships and offering service to my community. (read more)


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