Jennifer McDonald, Ph.D.

Sound Psychology Services

“When I started coaching, I was transitioning from a job I hated into my own practice, and I was overwhelmed, worried and had questions about starting my business. I was skeptical of coaches and worried that I wouldn’t get what I needed from the experience.After working with Kim, I feel more secure in what I’m doing, have grown my referral sources, quit my full time job, and clarified values in my business and personal life. Kim forms relationships—and that is what sold me. I would recommend working with Kim to business owners who want to learn how to build not only a business, but a life.She is warm, genuine, flexible, and meets you where you’re at.  She cares about me as a human and business owner–and that makes all the difference.”

Kate Mink, LCSW

Kate Mink Psychotherapy

“As a newly licensed therapist, I was looking to leave my full time, agency job and increase my autonomy.  I was concerned about the financial commitment of coaching, but Kim met me from a place of service and worked to adapt to my needs.  Since working with Kim, my caseload has increased and I’ve changed my mindset to one of building relationships and offering service to my community.  Kim never pushed me farther than I was willing to go and decisions were always mine to make, but she encouraged me to push myself and work with my value system. I would absolutely recommend Kim to anyone looking to grow their practice.”

Stephanie Nelson, ABPP, ABPdN

Skylight Neuropsychology, The Peer Consult

I’ve worked with coaches before but found that none of them led to deep or lasting change. I chose to work with Kim because I resonated with her journey and sensed she would understand, without judgment, my frustrations.  I was so impressed by her no obligation initial call!  I found her to be calm, thoughtful, serene, wise, heart-centered, and optimistic without being overly “cheerleader-y.” Since working with Kim in coaching, I’ve shifted to 100% private pay by marketing to my ideal clients so that I can balance providing excellent clinical care with a financially sustainable practice.  I feel more professionally fulfilled as I’ve increased the consultation side of my practice, and begun the process of dreaming bigger and bolder for future offerings.

Kick Start Group Coaching: Now Accepting Applications

The Kick Start Group Coaching Program is now accepting applications for our next group cohort.  You’ll explore everything you need to launch, grow, or re-define your practice in a way that reflects your unique values with emotionally and financially sustainable growth.  Click on the button to read more about the group and read group testimonials.

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