Intentional Private Practice

This page is your one stop shop for resources and info!  You’ll find my FAQ video series below answering some of the top questions my practice building clients ask.  You can also access my Resource Vault to download your free copy of my Ultimate Guide to Defining Your Niche, my Practice Building Checklist, and my Telehealth Resources Guide.  They are all yours and free for the asking!  You might also be inerested in my workbook, Intentional Private Practice Workbook, which is 181 pages of insider info on Mindset, Management, Money, and Marketing for your practice, complete with exercises and helpful note pages for your planning!

Five Minute FAQ Videos

How to attract more clients: The number one question I am asked as I support practice builders is: how do I grow my practice. In this 5 minute video, we’ll talk about marketing and developing the mindset required to market clearly, confidently, and authentically.

How to Get Started: In this five minute video, we’ll explore considerations for starting a private practice. Grab the infographic at in the Resource Vault and hop on the facebook group to discuss!

Why do you need a niche: In this 5 minute video, we explore what a niche is and why this helps to build your private practice. Get your free guide to defining your niche in the Resource Vault!

What is my Niche?: In this five minute video, we’ll explore the who, where, when, what, and why of your niche and your ideal client, and how you use this to build your practice.

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