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Hi!  I’m Kim.  I’m a mom to boys and dogs, wife, dedicated yogini and black belt in tae kwon do who is perfectly happy cooking a healthy meal in the kitchen or spending time in nature.  With a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, I have experience providing therapy and assessments in inpatient, outpatient, community and school settings. 

About ten years ago, I made the leap to private practice, and four years ago I co-founded a group practice.  I have learned a number of things along the way.  

We are highly trained as clinicians, but not so well prepared for running a business, especially a business based on relationships. Intentional Private Practice evolved through my work with providers launching, growing, and re-defining their practices.  

You are a highly trained professional.  Your service has value. You probably entered this field in part because you wanted to be helpful to others.  Your passion also has value and makes you uniquely poised to help your people.  But years of the grind–agency work, insurance companies, taking clients who are not a good fit because you worry where the next one will come from–have worn you down.  I can help you re-light the fire that brought you to this field.

Identifying your ideal clients is the absolute key to your business.  When you connect with the population you want to serve, you will do the work about which you feel passionate.  You’ll figure out how to connect with your ideal population, and you’ll find that you’ll still attract general referrals.  Not sure how that works, or who your ideal client is?  That’s ok, Intentional Private Practice will help you do just that.  In fact, you can get started with our free Mental Health Providers Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Niche, which you’ll find on our Resources page.

Don’t go it alone.  Read the blog and find some inspiration and a plan.  Jump onto the closed community for judgement free advice and support.  Or contact me for a free initial consultation to see how we can work together to find the practice of your dreams, inscribed upon your soul, just waiting to be called into being.

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