7 Days of Joy E-Book


7 Days of Joy: Simple Strategies for Happier, Intentional Living (downloadable e-book course, c 2017 by Effortlessly Intentional



Are you ready to find more joy in life?  Tired of having life happen to you, and looking to embrace intentional living and a shift towards a more positive outlook?  In our e-book course, we show you each day how to start one new habit to lead you towards the goal of an intentional, joy-filled life.  You’ll be able to immediately download the beautiful, full-color, 29 page 7 Days of Joy e-book, filled with simple strategies and journaling prompts are derived from solid behavioral science research to bring you more happiness in your day to day life.  Challenge yourself to a week of joyful living!  You’ll also find support through a special closed facebook group just for people taking the e-book joy course.  You’ll be inspired, motivated, and supported with opportunities to problem solve and share success!  Please note: you will have 7 days to download the e-book after purchasing.  After that time you would need to repurchase to download again.  We recommend you download it immediately and store it on your computer or on a drive.


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