Selecting or Changing Your EHR

Selecting or Changing Your EHR

If you live anywhere in the therapist-stratosphere, you’ve no doubt heard lots of chatter the past several months about EHRs and changing EHRs.  Spurned by increased costs in a very popular platform for therapists, many mental health providers are considering their...


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The number one question I hear from practice builders is "How do I build my caseload?"  The answer is marketing, but you can't market if you don't know to whom you are marketing, which starts with defining your niche. Where to start?  Don't worry, I got your back!  Intentional Private Practice has a special gift for our email subscribers--the only guide you'll need to define your niche so you can connect meaningfully with your ideal clients!  This beautifully illustrated guide will help you find your ideal clients so you can build your practice intentionally!

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