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Create Routines to Streamline Your Work

Want a leg up on getting the frequent (and unfrequent) repetitive tasks of running your business completed--efficiently and with minimal stress?  You need some routines.  In this short video I'll discuss areas to think about establishing routines as well as how to...

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Consistency in Marketing

For real estate agents, the three top considerations are "location, location, location."  But when it comes to marketing and networking your business, you need to remember "consistency, consistency, consistency."  Your job in marketing your practice is to build brand...

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Move Into Abundance

Weird times.  I can confidently say that none of us have been through a situation like our current pandemic related shut in.  While people have certainly gone through similar issues with contagions, it’s never been at a time where we have continual access to...

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Flex into Change

This is a story of a weekend that isn't turning out as planned.  I’m sharing it with you as I see it as a metaphor for running a heart-centered business.  I was planning to go out of town tomorrow, a trip that I had been looking forward to for a couple of months. ...

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Business Coaching for Your Private Practice

Wondering if a business coach is what you need for your private practice?  Here are the top three reasons that mental health providers in private practice benefit from working with a business coach. You found the perfect office. You got licensed and set up your bank...

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Lessons from Working as a Therapist

As a psychologist or therapist, you probably spend a lot of time helping others to learn about themselves.  But, along the way, you’ve inevitably gained a little knowledge about yourself as well. Here are my top take-aways that I’ve learned about myself after over a...

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Free Gift: The Mental Health Provider's Ultimate Guide to Defining Your Niche!

The number one question I hear from practice builders is "How do I build my caseload?"  The answer is marketing, but you can't market if you don't know to whom you are marketing, which starts with defining your niche. Where to start?  Don't worry, I got your back!  Intentional Private Practice has a special gift for our email subscribers--the only guide you'll need to define your niche so you can connect meaningfully with your ideal clients!  This beautifully illustrated guide will help you find your ideal clients so you can build your practice intentionally!

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