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Are you a mental health provider, or a similar helper-healer in a relationship-based business looking to launch, grow, or re-define your business?  Maybe you’re dreaming of working for yourself.  You may have started your business but struggle with the things we didn’t learn in school–like the big M-word: marketing.  Or maybe you’ve been in practice for awhile but you’ve lost your mo-jo, caught up in binds about policies, serving your clients but not serving yourself in an emotionally and financially sustainable way.


I see you, and you’re not alone.  Wherever you are on your private practice journey, get ready to infuse your work with a healthy dose of your values so you can show up authentically and with intention.  That’s what Intentional Private Practice is all about!

Intentional Private Practice: Kick Start 

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Get Organized!  Trello Workshop June 1, 2020!

Pandemic Resources

How do you show up and authentically serve your clients, when your doors are shuttered by an unprecedented public health emergency?  I’m sharing ideas, tools, and resources to support your practice as we move to telehealth options and consider video as an option to provide therapy as well as network with colleagues, market our practice, and serve our communities. My video course will help you get started with transitioning to distance connections!

I also have a TOTALLY FREE PRODUCT to share with you: 10 Days to Work from Home Balance Planner and Companion Workbook!  Check it out and rock your work from home hustle!

You can also connect with a vibrant community of private practice providers and similar relationship based business builders through my free FaceBook group, Intentional Private Practice–Community.  You’ll find it here.


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Dr. Dwyer’s Podcast Interview on Clearly Clinical: 

Countertransference  as a Catalyst for Therapeutic Change and Values

Aligned Business Practices

What People are Saying

values in my business and my personal life. I’m growing my practice and have someone I can turn to with questions.

Kim forms relationships—and that is what sold me. I would recommend working with Kim to business owners who want to learn how to build not only a business, but a life.

Kim is warm, genuine, and flexible, meets you where you’re at, and is a trouble shooter and cheerleader. She cares about me as a human and a business owner—and that makes all the difference.”                                                                                                                                                                                    –Jennifer McDonald, Ph.D., Sound Psychology Services

“When I started coaching, I was transitioning from a job I hated into my own practice, and I was overwhelmed, worried and had questions about starting my business. I was skeptical of coaches and worried that I wouldn’t get what I needed from the experience.
After working with Kim, I feel more secure in what I’m doing, have grown my referral sources, quit my full time job, and clarified 

Work with Me


Join the conversation through our community.  You’ll find us at Intentional Private Practice–Community on FaceBook, or by clicking here. Share a tip, find a new strategy, share or gain some inspiration and motivation.  I frequently share videos (occasionally of my dogs but mostly full of juicy tips).  You’ll also get a sneak peek of upcoming trainings, blogs, and group opportunities.  I hope you’ll join us!

Coaching and Consultation

You might be in solo practice–or longing to transition in that direction–but you don’t have to go it alone.  Having worked in the mental health field for over two decades, and with experience owning a practice, co-owning a group practice, and working in other people’s practices, I am expertly poised to help you establish, grow, or transform your practice.  I’ll help you identify your passions and dreams for your business and translate this into manageable goals and steps.  Working together, you’ll develop a business that aligns with your own unique values, so that you can develop a thriving and fulfilling workplace.

Group Coaching, Consultation, and Trainings

iLooking for support through community?  Feeling like the “private” in private practice is taking over?  Group coaching and consultation may be just what the doctor ordered.  Identifying common goals and direction, I support group clients in setting individual goals that align with the overall focus of a group of similarly-minded providers.  Through conference calls and a private group chat interface, we work on these goals together.  Group services provide the benefit of a built-in network and “hive mind” to run ideas through.  You’ll also find training opportunities–some individually paced and others as part of a group–to strengthen your skills and align your practice.

My current group offering, Intentional Private Practice: Kick Start Group Coaching, starts up again in January 2020!  Sign up now to secure your slot.  More details here.


Create Routines to Streamline Your Work

Want a leg up on getting the frequent (and unfrequent) repetitive tasks of running your business completed--efficiently and with minimal stress?  You need some routines.  In this short video I'll discuss areas to think about establishing routines as well as how to...

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Consistency in Marketing

For real estate agents, the three top considerations are "location, location, location."  But when it comes to marketing and networking your business, you need to remember "consistency, consistency, consistency."  Your job in marketing your practice is to build brand...

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Move Into Abundance

Weird times.  I can confidently say that none of us have been through a situation like our current pandemic related shut in.  While people have certainly gone through similar issues with contagions, it’s never been at a time where we have continual access to...

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Flex into Change

This is a story of a weekend that isn't turning out as planned.  I’m sharing it with you as I see it as a metaphor for running a heart-centered business.  I was planning to go out of town tomorrow, a trip that I had been looking forward to for a couple of months. ...

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Business Coaching for Your Private Practice

Wondering if a business coach is what you need for your private practice?  Here are the top three reasons that mental health providers in private practice benefit from working with a business coach. You found the perfect office. You got licensed and set up your bank...

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Lessons from Working as a Therapist

As a psychologist or therapist, you probably spend a lot of time helping others to learn about themselves.  But, along the way, you’ve inevitably gained a little knowledge about yourself as well. Here are my top take-aways that I’ve learned about myself after over a...

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Free Gift: The Mental Health Provider's Ultimate Guide to Defining Your Niche!

The number one question I hear from practice builders is "How do I build my caseload?"  The answer is marketing, but you can't market if you don't know to whom you are marketing, which starts with defining your niche. Where to start?  Don't worry, I got your back!  Intentional Private Practice has a special gift for our email subscribers--the only guide you'll need to define your niche so you can connect meaningfully with your ideal clients!  This beautifully illustrated guide will help you find your ideal clients so you can build your practice intentionally!

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